How Legal Chatbots Can Increase The Profit of Your Firm

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If you’re a lawyer looking to boost client acquisition, then it may be time to consider introducing a chatbot into your business. The 2020 Legal Trends Report found that 79% of potential new clients expect a response within 24 hours of reaching out.

From an attorney’s perspective, the benefits of using legal chatbots are obvious: they save time and money for all parties involved in the legal process. But that’s not all that a law firm can get out of embracing automation. Best AI chatbots also enhance a firm’s online presence by answering questions 24/7/365 on their website. This helps potential clients feel confident that they will be well taken care of by your firm. Your clients will interact with your chatbot before speaking directly to you, so you are able to set the tone for the whole experience and make sure it is positive.

Benefits of Legal Chatbots in Law Firms

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way lawyers work with clients and prospective clients. They can speed up communication, help you save time, and give prospective clients a faster response than ever before. Find out how a chatbot could streamline your law practice.

Automation saves Time and Money

Chatbots can answer questions about legal matters and help both clients and lawyers with case intake. Chatbots can also aid the client in understanding their rights and responsibilities and ensure they fulfill a necessary requirement before proceeding with a case or submitting documents. Chatbots allow lawyers to spend more time on legal advice, which is what they are trained for. This means less time spent typing bills or looking up a case law behind the computer.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is not a chatbot’s favorite activity.

When reviewing complex cases, it may take years to complete all tasks. The use of advanced AI Solutions which includes NLP and Machine Learning Model for law firms enables legal professionals to check hundreds and thousands of documents, drawing on data points such as ‘alleged perpetrator ‘ and ‘crime,’ and quickly determining patterns within the evidence. While an average reviewer may only view the documents individually, this technology allows legal professionals to work across all documents simultaneously.

Improved Results at a Lower Cost

  1. Legal chatbots can help law firms deliver improved results at a lower cost.
  2. They can automate tasks that would otherwise be done by humans, saving time and money.
  3. This frees up resources for high-value activities like strategic thinking and client service.

Better Communication and Increased Billing Accuracy

The ability to automate processes not only increases efficiency but reduces costs as well. It also improves the client experience because clients do not have to wait for their cases to be handled manually. This can prove helpful during peak seasons or when staff members are unavailable due to illness or vacation time (which is often the case).

Enhance a Firm’s Online on Their Website

Legal chatbots also enhance a firm’s online presence by answering questions 24/7/365 on their website. This is particularly useful if you have a website that provides information about your firm, services and areas of expertise. If a potential client comes to the site and has some legal questions, they’ll likely be happy to see an automated process that can help them get answers without having to call or email someone at the office.

Clients Feel Confident With your Firm

This is especially true for law firms, where many potential clients are hesitant to discuss their legal issues with a lawyer.

When you’re able to provide 24/7/365 customer service through a chatbot, you can save on your customer service costs and free yourself up to spend more time focusing on other aspects of your business.

A chatbot that can answer questions—or even better, schedule appointments—is not only convenient but also professional-looking.

Set the Tone for the Whole Experience

Chatbots are easy to use but can also be used for setting the tone for your clients. You can use a chatbot to answer questions about their legal responsibilities and role regarding what’s concerning. You can also use a chatbot to gather data from clients and potential customers. This data will help you better understand what people need from your legal services so that you can improve them over time.

A More Positive Overall Experience for Staff and Clients

A chatbot is a great way to answer basic common questions among your clients. They can make the client experience better. It’s more convenient than sending an email or phone call since it’s so much easier to ask a question through text messaging, and you get an immediate response from the chatbot—you don’t need to wait for someone else in your firm to get back to you about what the answer might be! Plus, if the client has any follow-up questions after engaging with their chatbot, they can simply reach out through their messaging service instead of having a separate point of contact who wouldn’t necessarily understand all of their needs anyway (which can often happen when dealing with large firms).

They also make life easier for staff members because they don’t have to spend hours answering repetitive questions every day anymore! Instead, there will be just one person handling all inquiries made by clients via text message, which means less busy work and less stress for everyone involved! This means fewer mistakes made by humans, too–even though machines aren’t perfect yet either (yet…), at least we know how valuable time saved could be spent elsewhere within each organization rather than sweating bullets over something like this?

Final Thoughts

The benefits of legal chatbots are clear. Automation saves time and money for all parties involved in the legal process, which allows chatbot-enhanced firms to deliver improved results at a lower cost. This is especially useful when you consider that most law firms have fewer resources than they did 10 years ago due to consolidation and other factors. The technology also enhances a firm’s online presence by answering questions 24/7/365 on their website, helping potential clients feel confident that they will be well taken care of by your firm.
If you’re looking for ways to increase conversion rates with your website traffic using AI-powered chatbots and other technology solutions, contact us today!

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