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Most Procurement Leaders Feel Procurement Risks Had Constantly Increased

(Deloitte CPO Survey 2019)

22% Of Companies Lost At Least US$1.2 million In The Last 12 Months Due To Supply Chain Disruptions

(BCI, Supply Chain Resilience Report 2017)

50% Of Legacy Purchasing & Spend Analysis Software Will Be Retired By 2022

It will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence-powered cloud-based solutions
(Gartner predicts 2018)

According To Deloitte, 45% Of Chief Procurement Officers Have Used or Piloted Artificial Intelligence Software In 2018

Seven common areas where AI can be used across the procurement cycle.

Pre-Purchasing Stage

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Identification
  • Supplier Risk Management

Purchasing Stage

  • Contract Management
  • Purchasing
  • Payment
  • Spending Analysis

dbix AI Procurement focuses on the following use-cases

Increase Speed with Intelligent Sourcing

Supplier Risk Mitigation

Purchasing & Spend Analysis

How AI Can Help in Procurement

Make better decisions

Get the most from the information you’ve got. You can identify crucial trends and predict upcoming business opportunities with a data-driven organisation.

Identify new opportunities

Find growth opportunities by analysing business data, identifying new areas of opportunity, and creating actionable insights.

Improve operations

Provide your organisation with a single, unified solution to manage its business processes. 

Automate manual tasks

Automate the monthly Procurement Performance Reporting.

Free up time

Transform your procurement function from a cost centre to a profit centre 

Capture or apply scarce knowledge

Save, mine and collaborate on information. Never lose a fact again!

Identify new suppliers or markets

Expand into new market horizons and market products to a variety of customers.

Optimize supplier relationships

Relationship management is the key to optimising supplier relationships. 

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