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Our clients need not be worried about the impact of technology on their industry. We understand the unique requirement of each vertical and offer suitable solutions at affordable costs to boost their business revenues and reduce their operational costs. Our Al solutions will help them forge ahead into the industry 4.0 era with more innovative products and customer interventions.

Who We Are

The Dbix Group is a premium provider of managed technology services. We provide turnkey project management, software development and system integration for companies across all industries. We are skilled at handling complex projects – both large and small – and provide exceptional customer service that ensures your satisfaction with our work.


01 Lowering Costs

We help you in lowering operational costs and generating new revenue streams. We do this by improving your existing processes and providing you with integrated solutions that fit your needs. Our solutions are designed to improve efficiencies in areas where operational costs run high and/, or there is a need to streamline activities.

02 On-Time Delivery

With a single source of responsibility for project delivery and strict adherence to scoop and budget, we can mitigate risk early on. This means we can ensure that the highest quality work is delivered within budget and on time.

03 Technology Transfer

We provide technology transfer services to customers to save costs, including the costs of new product development and technical training. The technology transfer is provided to support future technology innovations so that customers can reap the benefits of these innovations.

04 Open Source Konwledge

Working with us will increase your ROI and save on software licencing costs. Because we believe in making your life easier, we have created an open-source platform to empower you to do more.

05 Improve Business

We help you automate your customer-facing processes in a way that leads to significant savings. Our detailed analytics reports provide you with actionable data that makes it easy for you to keep your business running smoothly.

Customers Who Place their Trust with Us

LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre

The bot is intelligent, responds quickly and accurately. It gave us an 80% increase in efficiency! We experienced an increase in revenue through the AI Assistant as it creates a good customer experience for our customers.

Award Winning Aesthetic Clinic, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our current challenges are lack of resources to manage customers appointments and customer care, do not have the right tools to engage customers regularly, difficulty in targeting right treatment & packages according to customers preferences.
We partnering with dbix to implement AI Assistant as one of the channels of customer communication and Auto Data Science Machine Learning to make data driven decisions to bring its business to a different level.

Gold & Jewelry Manufacturer, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We need a solution that assist us to automate the customer service process by handling all incoming enquiries, sales orders and product requirements. By Implementing dbix AI Assistant, we are able to automate the sales order processing and feedback our customer about inventory update, order status history.
We expected an increase in sales order without overload the operation team, relieve them from repetitive tasks, operation cost and time can be optimized.

Where Are We Heading…

You need us, and we need each other! We are in the business of creating value. We don’t just offer solutions but innovations. We are driven by providing our customers with state-of-the-art services and technologies to help them improve their businesses and maximise ROI.

Why Artificial Intelligence…

Focused on business problems, we are passionate about using machine intelligence to design innovative ideas to solve problems and achieve business breakthroughs that have the potential to transform industries.

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